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San Onofre Update

San Onofre NPP

It’s been a while since I last discussed the ongoing issues at the San Onofre nuclear plant.  On March 27th, the NRC sent a letter to Southern California Edison, the plant operators, describing the steps needed to be taken before Units 2 and 3 could be brought back online.

Those two reactors have been shut down because of unusual wear discovered on tubes that circulate water.  The wear is caused by the tubes rubbing against each other and against the reactor structure.  It is unclear when Edison will be able to bring the reactors online, and State officials are working on potential reliability concerns as summer approaches.

Before bringing the reactors back online, the plant must discover the cause of the rubbing and implement a plan to maintain the integrity of the reactors.  Chairman Jaczko of the NRC will be visiting the plant sometime soon.

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