JECE Symposium Videos

After a mere month of careful post-production work, the videos from our symposium are ready.  More info about the symposium is available at the Journal web page, here.

Panel 1: Federalism Theory: Arguments for Enhancing State & Local Environmental Action.
Panelists: Roger Martella, Professor Robert Percival, Professor Amy Stein, Professor Robert Glicksman, and Professor William Buzbee.

Panel 2: Electric Utility Regulation: Environmental Benefits, Costs, and the Public Interest.
Panelists: Will Reisinger, Rose McKinney-James, Tyson Slocum, Professor James Van Nostrand , and Jeffrey Mayes.

Panel 3: Production & Underground Injection of Gases
Panelists: Barry Lay and Phillip Reale.

These would not have been possible without the very helpful technology folks here at W&L, thanks so much.

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